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Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Bedroom

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Whether it’s a master suite, guest bedroom, or a kid’s room, a bedroom is a special place. Whoever it belongs to, this space should bring a sense of security, comfort, and relaxation. It should be a place that its owner will enjoy spending time in.

Because a bedroom is such a personal area, when it comes time to decorate it, make sure you give it the careful attention it deserves. 

1. Simple is best

When you’re decorating a bedroom on a budget, simplicity is key. Taking a simple approach will result in a high-end, polished look. It will also ensure you focus on what’s most important and avoid overspending. 

What does it mean to take a simple bedroom design approach?

  • Less is best — There’s no need for lots of little decorations or filling every corner of the room. However, avoid making this a model showroom. Adding personal details to show your personality is important — just keep the “less is more” mantra in mind.
  • Choose subtle colors — Go for soothing neutral shades instead of bold primary colors. Blues, whites, and grays are the most popular palettes for bedrooms. For those who like darker, richer colors, choose a deep, jewel-toned hue instead.
  • Make your bed pop — Your bed should be the statement piece of your room, so spend the most time making sure it really stands out. 

2. Be picky about your mattress


The most beautifully-decorated bedroom is useless if it doesn’t allow you to get a restful night’s sleep. With that in mind, design your bedroom from the bed up. 

First, choose your mattress. You’ll need to consider things like…

  • What size of mattress do you need?
  • Do you want a firm or soft bed?
  • Is there a specific material you’re looking for (for instance, memory foam)?
  • Do you need any special features (such as an adjustable bed)?

Even with all these answers in mind, navigating the world of mattresses can be a bit tricky. Check out our guide for purchasing the right mattress.

Once you have a mattress, it’s time to select a bed frame. There are many styles to choose from. Here are a few tips for selecting the right one:

  • Make sure the frame can support the size and weight of your mattress
  • Measure the size of the room — some bed frames are very large and take up a lot of room
  • Think about whether or not you’ll want to store items under the bed
  • Choose a bed frame that matches your decorating style and style vision for the room
  • Match the bed frame material to the material of your dresser or side tables for a cohesive look

3. Choose the right furniture

Speaking of dressers and side tables, spend some time considering the layout of your bedroom before making any purchases. Once you have an idea of how you want to lay out your room, look for bedroom furniture that can fit those layout requirements and fit the size of your space.

  • Avoid heavy, dark furniture in a small bedroom (it will make the space feel smaller!)
  • If you have a large room, small pieces of furniture will look lost. Too many small pieces in a large room will also make it look cluttered.

In general, all your bedroom furniture should fit the style of your room. For instance, you’ll want to avoid a large traditional dresser paired with a sleek, modern bed frame.

If you’re not sure how to tell different styles apart or don’t know what type of designs you like, don’t worry. The best way to figure this out is to look at different pieces of furniture in person and ask a lot of questions of the salespeople.

4. The right lighting makes all the difference


Don’t rely on just one type of lighting in your room. Ceiling lights are essential, but layering other lighting options throughout the room encourages a cozy and relaxing environment. Consider adding small bedside lamps and possibly a floor lamp in another area of the room.

It’s also a good idea to choose lights with adjustable dimmers or separate on/off switches for each light so you can choose to light only the area you want and create the atmosphere you need in that moment.

5. Dress it up

Now that you have all the basics of a bedroom covered, it’s time to spice it up and make this space your own. Remember, simple is best. Avoid going overboard with too many decorations and features. 

Here are a few ideas for really bringing that extra special touch to your space:

  • Try a rug. Even in a carpeted room, a rug can help tie together the colors in your room and bring an added coziness to your space
  • Add curtains. Curtains bring a softness to a room and are also very functional, helping block out light. Remember to choose curtains that fit with the color palette of your space and fit with the size of your space.
  • Accent pillows. A few carefully-selected accent pillows will help tie in the colors of your room design and make your space feel more welcoming.
  • Beautiful artwork or framed photos. Do you have a favorite artist? A treasured family photo? For professional artwork, look for pieces that fit with the colors and vibe of your room. For images, choose a frame color that matches or compliments the color of your furniture.

Where to shop for bedroom furniture & decor

You don’t have to break the budget to make your dream bedroom sanctuary a reality. From vintage thrift stores and consignment shops to chain retailers and local furniture stores, you have a lot of options!

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We wish you luck as you set off to turn your bedroom into a beautiful space!